There is a constant increase in the number of microorganisms that are resistant to the antimicrobial agents, which makes difficult the treatment of diseases commonly treated with antibiotics and has become a world health problem. In 2007, the initiative of structuring a Colombian System for the Integrated Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance (COIPARS) started in order to generate conclusive information on the antimicrobial resistance (ResAM) of zoonotic bacteria (Campylobacter sp., y Salmonella sp.) and indicators (E. coli y Enterococcus sp.), from the primary level until the final consumer, studying intensive production systems, foods of human and animal origin. With the active participation of government agencies, academic organizations and private entities of the public health area, health and animal safety, the purpose of COIPARS is to offer inputs for the strategy design for the containment and control of ResAM contributing in this way with the safety of foods of animal origin.

COIPARS has done studies in the poultry, porcine and cattle chains making the characterization of the isolated phenotypes and genotypes of bacteria of interest, comparing the profile of the isolated bacteria from animals with microorganisms present in clinical human cases and determining the resistance mechanisms and their transmission paths. Currently, the group has data bases of ResAM, prevalence and all the traceability corresponding to the samples evaluated in Colombia for each one of the selected microorganisms. In the poultry chain, it is also available the molecular profiles that allow to determine the identity between the last link of the chain (retail point of sale) and the salmonellosis cases in humans reported by the National Health Institute.

The results obtained by COIPARS suggest the dissemination of ResAM all along the production chain and contribute with the setup of a baseline of knowledge on antimicrobial resistance in Colombia, as well as a safe production in the different productive chains.

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